Thanks to those who come along to our AGM, apologise for the late night !!  The following position appointments were made:

President: Bruce Agnew
Chairman: Trent Boyle
Treasurer: Jared McGregor
Secretary: (VACANT)
Senior Club Captain(s): Josh Watson & Frazer Austin
Junior Club Captain(s): Ross Clarke & Martin Welford
CCCA Board Member: Paul Rugg (voted position)
Member: James Butler

Thanks to the members above for volunteering their time for this season.

Weedons Cricket Club

Presidents Report 2016/17 Season

With junior registration numbers rising again, this resulted In the Club registering 30 teams in total, an additional 4 sides from the previous year.

Including have-a-go, the Club members and affiliates numbered 370 which is an amazing effort.

Have-a-go was run with 5 sessions on a Friday night at Brookside Park and this season was split running separate girls and boy clinics to encourage more female participation. Ross Clarke was heavily involved with this, as well as some of the Clubs Junior members and parent help. Thank you to all those involved. Following on from this, the emphasis was on getting the appropriate children progressing through to the Section 4 grade after Christmas which really worked well with an all-girls team assembled who competed against the boys. An opportune photo of the girls’ team, along with an article on their success, made its way around Canterbury Cricket and up to the top of New Zealand Cricket providing great recognition for our Junior Club as well as all Involved.

The Junior Club was again brilliantly organised by Ross Clarke and Martin Welford along with all the coaches, parent helpers and of course the kids. It is great to see the kids enjoying cricket on a Saturday morning and also to see so many progressing to a higher level. A massive thank you to all involved.

A move from Canterbury Cricket has resulted in all Junior sides now playing on different length wicket depending on the grade. This has resulted in some Interesting discussions at the Club due to the lack of consultation and we are now faced with marking out multiple lines on each of our artificial wickets. Since this was passed we are trying to employ a grounds person to undertake this Job and also work on the grass wicket.

The Senior Team, playing in an 8 team countrywide competition, struggled through the one day round but managed to find form In the first two day game before Christmas beating Leeston/Southbridge and reclaiming the Steve Ryan trophy. The team went through unbeaten to the final but lost to Sefton in a rain-affected game. Player numbers improved after Christmas and there are some good signs moving forward. Once again a 2.5-ton roller loaned to the club for the season by Frew’s Contracting meant that the grass wicket played more consistently and the artificial was not used at all by the Senior A side.

Grass practice nets were used consistently by the Senior Team and played well considering the base we started with. A massive thank you to Senior Club captains Josh Watson and Frazer Austin for the hours spent on the roller, marking out pitches and organising the Senior Team, with at times very limited numbers. The fact the pitch played so well ls a credit to the time that you have both put in.

Thank you to Frew’s Contracting, Danny McBreen at Contract Construction Solutions Contracting for lending us the use of rollers during the season, and McLenaghan’s Contracting for the team bus.

The Pavilion development is still being worked on with the plan at the consent stage. The Selwyn District Council has almost completed the installation of new artificial nets with just the mating installation to complete. This has resulted in a slight enlargement of the Ovals’ boundaries, and by relocating some sprinklers we have also enlarged the grass wicket block. In the next week the Club Is holding a golf day to raise funds to put up a storage shed, and at the end of the season, we will endeavour to be relaying the grass block and installing new grass nets.

The club is currently in a reasonable financial position. Thank you to Ross for finally selling the bricks which were a fundraiser. There were successful grants from Hornby Working Men’s Club for clothing and Air Rescue Services for the purchase of balls. The Selwyn District Council travel fund enabled us to reimburse a small amount to the Junior Coaches for some of their costs incurred. Thanks to Treasurer Jarrod McGregor.

We continue to have Paul Rugg on the Canterbury Country Cricket Board doing a great job, and he has just been nominated for the Canterbury Cricket Board which can only be good given our Clubs development and growth. While struggling with some of CCCA decisions and/or processes, we as a Club will continue with developing our Junior and Senior Teams, as well as the Committee.

It was an honour to accept the life Member nomination at the beginning of the season. I can say that while it has not always been easy, I have been involved in a lot of success, a massive amount of growth and development, and I have been lucky to have met and played with some very good people in my time spent with Weedons Cricket.

Thank you to the Committee for your great work in what has been another successful year.

Again I would like to thank everybody who gave their time at all levels to help the Club moving forward and I wish everybody all the best for the coming season.

Bruce Agnew

Weedons Cricket Club President

Weedons Cricket Club

Junior Club Captain Report 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 season was another one of big growth for the junior club with team numbers up another 50% on the previous season.

A highlight for the year was the conversion of three teams from Friday night Superstar Academy to section 4 for the second half of the season.  This included our first all-girls team, the Wildcats!!  Ross Clarke’s work behind the scenes to make this happen received well-deserved recognition from NZ Cricket and Canterbury Cricket.

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The junior club numbers for 2016-2017 ended up as:

  • 84 participants in Friday night Superstar Academy split 50-50 boys-girls
  • 7 section 4 incrediball teams
  • 8 section 3 incrediball teams
  • 5 section 2 Hardball teams
  • 3 section 1 Hardball teams
  • 1 Selwyn Districts Youth Team

With an increase in teams came the need for more coaches and we were well supported by parents stepping up to fill that role along with managing, scoring and all the other jobs to be done on Saturday mornings.

It was a pleasure to present Andrew Halligan a section 3 coach with the Graham Hutchison Trophy for junior coaching.  Most of our teams include a range of abilities and Andrew was able to get the best out of all the players regardless of their talent, and get them working together as a team.

The Junior Club growth brings some big challenges for the next season.  Key is the need to expand the team as the workload and expectations on the club increases.  This is natural as we become a larger organisation but requires specialists to contribute their skills to the club.

I’d like to thank Ross Clarke my co-club captain for continuing to put time, effort and expertise into the junior club, without his contribution in many areas the club would not be thriving.

Thanks to the other club members who have helped with the junior and rep teams.  A big thanks also to the seniors for their patience with long-running games on Weedons #1.

Martin Welford
Co-Junior Club Captain – Weedons Rolleston Junior Cricket

Life Members

Congratulations to Bruce Agnew who was inducted in as a Life Member of Weedons Cricket Club at the AGM this year. Bruce has been a major contributor of the success of the club and has put countless hours into his voluntary position.

Bruce is Life Member number 7 for the club and joins the following:

John Meyer
Graeme Hutchison
Graeme Hulston
John Dunnett
Dave Tilson
John Calder

Photo: Bruce Agnew 2015

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